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Infocore constantly studies audiences all over the world, to help marketers get the most insightful perspective possible on targeting their marketing messages.

Below are reports available for download to get perspective on US audiences. They’re free, so please, download as many as you’d like! For more information, or to request a custom audience study from our analysts, contact us.

One Page US Audience Summaries

Download our one page overviews of key audience segments of the US population.

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USA Auto Shoppers

7/1/2017 301kb PDF
Infocore's analysis of the US market has uncovered 106 separate audiences in 8 categories that offer marketers the ability to select consumers at lease end, serious shoppers doing research, families with children, car buffs and more.

USA Auto Shoppers Coming Off Lease

299kb PDF
Timing is key, and reaching car buyers as their lease is about to end lets marketers deliver their message at the right time. Selects include current vehicle, lease expiration info, intent, and a robust list of demographic and psychographic attributes.

USA Beauty Buyers

387kb PDF
This study includes 107 audiences, classified into 11 separate Categories. Beauty buyers can be targeted based on a variety of attributes such as ethnicity, product type, and more, providing exceptional selection, precision, and ROI.

USA B2B Audiences

274kb PDF
B to B Marketers can select their ideal prospects using a plethora of attributes that are both extensive and extremely granular. Target companies and contacts can be chosen with precision by one-to-one marketers for their B to B campaigns.

USA College Students

289kb PDF
This report looks at current and soon to be college students, and parents. Infocore’s analysis of the US market has uncovered 104 audiences in 10 categories with a wide range of attributes for precise selection.

Fashionistas in the USA

260kb PDF
Infocore conducted an analysis of the overall US apparel market and uncovered 99 audiences classified into 17 Categories. Marketers focused on Fashion Shoppers can deliver offers customized for their exact fashion interests and lifestyles.

USA Financial Services Audiences

283kb PDF
Whether their target consumers are an entire generation or an ethnic subset, the financially challenged or the ultra-wealthy, marketers can segment and engage with exceptional precision and ROI within this vast category.

Foodies in the USA

286kb PDF
Whether it's Upscale Epicurians, buyers of Gear & Gadgets, Culinary Travelers, Homestyle cooks, fancy bakers, or cookbook collectors, marketers can select their ideal consumers with precision.

The USA Fit & Healthy Set

307kb PDF
Infocore's analysis of the US Health & Fitness market has uncovered 121 separate audiences categorized into 8 groups based on consumer interests and behavior. Marketers can present their offer to carefully selected and interested consumers.