Rest easy with world-class data
compliance review services.

There are many ingredients that must come together to create successful, data driven marketing: a valuable product, great creative, strong data, and excellence in execution are some of the most critical elements. But there is one factor that can derail even the best direct marketing, and put marketers and their partners at significant legal and financial risk: non- compliant data.

Data privacy policy is changing very quickly – and in some markets very onerously – around the world. The stakes are higher as each new body of regulations is enacted, and the penalties for non-compliance include million dollar per day fines and, in some markets, jail terms.

Marketers cannot afford to get it wrong when it comes to data compliance. That’s why smart global marketers use Infocore’s data compliance services. Offering a full range of basic to extremely advanced data source investigations, clients can breathe easier when using international data that has been reviewed by Infocore.

Data Compliance Review Process

Anatomy of Data Privacy Law

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