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You need results, not runaround. Infocore takes a consultative approach and manages the process for you, serving as your one point of contact, with access to an unlimited number of data sources.

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    Automotive marketing is our flagship service. You benefit from our expertise and from a team that is passionate about the automotive sector. Our professional approach and behind-the-scenes performance make us the ideal automotive partner.


    We’ll scour through the vast sea of consumer data so you don’t have to—narrowing the field and targeting your ideal prospect. We handle both USA and international campaigns and offer the largest global repository of data available.

  • B2B Campaigns

    The B2B market requires special handling from a team who understands the nuances of this segment. Our massive B2B audience network covers more than 100 countries and allows you to target based on a number of business criteria.

  • Comprehensive DATA SERVICES

    Infocore supports data-driven marketers with the most comprehensive access to database enrichment sources in the world. Plus, our rigorous data compliance review process ensures you are in line with both domestic and international regulations.

Infocore by the Numbers

  • 1 billion
    emails deployed
  • 0 billion
    records represented

    in Infocore's proprietary international Data Repository

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    in which Infocore does business

You Have Challenges. We Have Solutions.

For more than 25 years, we’ve solved the biggest challenges agencies and marketers face.

  • Acquire proven,
    trusted data
  • Identify new revenue

Browse the World’s Largest International Data Inventory

Infocore maintains the world’s largest international direct marketing repository, tracking more than 5,000 distinct datasets from 100+ countries around the world. Download a specialty data catalog to see the extensive data we house in our repository.

The Infocore team has taken responsiveness to a whole new level. We rely on them every day, and they always meet our needs.

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