International Data Catalogs Updated 7-13-16

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Our International Business and Consumer Catalogs have just been updated. 

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International Data Repository

Regional Data SummaryInfocore continuously scours the globe for new data sources, carefully evaluating each of them and cataloging them in our sophisticated International Data Repository. Our extensive network of data, sources, partners, specialists, and experts offers our clients exactly what they need, when they need it, no matter where it’s needed. 

The International Data Repository currently tracks available data in over 150 countries. Our frequently updated catalogs let you peruse business and consumer data by region and country, and are available for free download.

Take a look at this regional summary of available data and then download your free, newly updated catalogs to see the details.

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Newly Updated International Data Catalogs

13 billion international recordsIf you market outside the US you'll get unbeatable insight into available inventory for markets around the globe.



  • The CONSUMER EDITION contains summaries of more than 1,600 datasets and over 11.9 billion non-US records
  • The BUSINESS EDITION has summaries of more than 1,500 datasets and over 2.3 billion non-US records

Also included:

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IT Professionals Worldwide

IT Pros Catalog Do you or your client market to IT Professionals around the world?

If so, you'll want to get your hands on a free copy of our International Data Catalog IT Professionals Worldwide. In it you'll get comprehensive details on over 119 separate lists from 83 countries, totalling over 78,863,195 million records.


In this 40 page, frequently updated catalog you’ll find:

  • Descriptions on each of 119 lists from all over the world
  • Specifics about available Selects and Sourcing details for each List
  • Available quantities from each list by Media type
  • Detailed Pricing on various options and media types

To get your free copy, please Email us

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Wealthy Consumers Worldwide

Wealthy Consumers WW Catalog

Are Affluent Consumers around the world part of your target market?

If so, be sure to get your free copy of our new direct marketing Data Catalog called Wealthy Consumers Worldwide

In it you’ll find details about available direct marketing data that is perfect for reaching Affluent Consumers in more than 70 countries around the world.

The catalog includes:

  • Descriptions of more than 150 separate lists from all over the world (72 countries, to be exact!)
  • Specifics about available selects and variables from each list
  • Available quantities from each list for available media type (Postal, Email and Phone)
  • Pricing

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