Stronger French Do Not Call Laws

BLOCTELThe new Do Not Call Service in France was implemented as of June 1, 2016. The BLOCTEL list replaces its predecessor, Pacitel, and imposes new obligations on telemarketers. Pacitel, which closed 01-01-16 was a voluntary service, but BLOCTEL is mandatory.

BLOCTEL was established as part of the Frence Consumer Code, and as such governs only consumer marketing, not B2B activities. Consumers can register both landlines and mobile numbers on the website, and the opt-out takes effect within 30 days and extends for 3 years. Registrants will be contacted before the opt-out expires and given the option to renew.

Telemarketers must scrub their lists against BLOCTEL every 30 days. The law pertains to organizations that telemarket directly or through a third party acting on their behalf. Violations are subject to fines up to 75,000 Euros to be imposed by the French Directorate-General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Prevention of Fraud.

A new obligation has been added for data collectors who now must inform consumers of their right to register with the opt out service. Consumers must be advised in a clear and understandable way at the time their data is collected.

BLOCTEL is not relevant to SMS marketing. France law governs SMS under the rules for direct marketing by e-mail.