My ad ran WHERE?!

Google ad placementHundreds of millions of dollars are spent annually on digital advertising in the UK, with Goggle and YouTube raking in a huge chunk of it. But brands are finding their ads on sites with white supremacist material or pornography, and in jihadist recruitment videos on YouTube. That is not the bang for their buck that advertisers intended to pay for.

Havas clients alone spend nearly $190 million, and they, along with other ad giants, pulled all their advertising from Google and YouTube. Over 250 companies have suspended advertising on the two platforms. Now it looks as though the issue has crossed the pond, with AT&T and Verizon said to be pulling their ads as well.

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2.3 million awarded in Agency on Agency Ad Fraud case

PPC FraudAbout 1/3 of digital ad spend is lost to fraud. With US digital ad spend at over 72 Billion in 2016, that's a hefty sum. Marketers spend stunning sums of money on advertising that no one ever sees. Fraud is diabolically difficult to detect, and even harder to understand. 

We're taking an ongoing look at this many faceted problem, with explanations that you don't need to be a hacker to comprehend. 

Ad fraud usually elicits thoughts of click farms and fiendish hackers perpetrating crimes from sites based in Romania, China or Russia. But it's not only sophisticated Russian botnets that are using fraud to their benefit. Increasingly, unscrupulous companies are using ad fraud methods to steal business and crush competitors. 

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