B2B Marketing Data Insight for Top US Export Partner Countries


The US was the world’s second largest exporter in 2015, behind only China. Over 34% of exported goods went to our neighbors to the north and south. Canada and Mexico are first and second respectively, with China and Japan rounding out the Top 4 Trade Partners for US Exports of Goods.

export stats

For marketers interested in reaching businesses in Canada, Mexico, China, or Japan, below are some useful stats sourced from Infocore's International Data Repository. These numbers tell you more than simply how much B2B direct marketing data is available by country.

The data landscapes are dramatically different. For example, China has around 50 million active businesses, and Canada has just over 1 million. But Canada has 451 verified business data files as compared to China's 103. China's datasets are huge, averaging over 2 million records. 

available b2b marketing data

If you'd like to browse available datasets for these or any of the 150+ countries we cover, check out our specialty data catalogs. They briefly summarize the extensive data we house in our repository and each listing includes basic information on each dataset we’re tracking. Infocore's International Data Catalogs are FREE to DOWNLOAD.

Or,see all global data quantities on a map, and summary stats by Region and Country here.

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