Considerations for DM in Turkey

Turkish flag

Our recent data sourcing trip included a visit to Turkey, which is an increasingly hot market these days. This interesting country presents both challenge and opportunity. Some direct marketing considerations include:


  • It is legal to market to minors without parental consent. Several companies offer free downloads of mobile phone games in exchange for data, targeting kids 8 and up. A surprising number of kids have cell phones, with penetration at about 25% for kids 6-15.
  • Consumers are tech savvy and most marketing activity is via SMS or email, with a 10-25% open rate. Social media marketing is on the rise as consumers embrace the newer channels.
  • Addressing can be challenging for a number of reasons. Zip codes and even street names change frequently, and there are problems with updating and data exchange among local governments.
  • Geo-coding is very valuable, but auto coding is nearly impossible.  So it is done manually by employees who comprehensively walk through an area, noting new businesses  and other changes on each street.
  • Mobile phone penetration in Turkey had surpassed 90% by March 2013, driven by a very young and tech-savvy population. Out of the total population of 76 million, roughly half is under 30, and 26% is under 15.