Direct Mail Marketing Poised for Growth in Russia

Russian StampIn mid-2015 Russia's national postal service announced plans to revive the country's Direct Mail market. Many marketing channels in Russia are under developed, and historically direct marketing was not much utilized. But of late it is developing into an effective and profitable channel. 

Russian Post intends to be the driver behind expansion of the targeted mailing market and plans to own about 70% of market share by 2018. Russian Post is developing Direct Mail as a specific business line, and has launched a new federal level service called Direct-mail Standard.

The new service is just the first part of a large scale promotional plan aimed at securing dominance of the blossoming direct mail market.  The new business line is expected to earn them 9 billion rubles, today's equivalent of $125,221,680, by 2018. 

Russian marketers are looking to the USA and EU as they develop more sophisticated marketing methods and plans. The benefits of direct marketing are apparent, and direct mail is coming into its own, as well as being recognized as an important part of the successful marketing mix.

The Russian consumer is desirous of foreign brands, and notoriously willing to spend a high proportion of disposable income on consumer goods. The middle class is growing and purchasing power is increasing. But Russia is an unquestionably challenging marketplace, with chaotic socio-political events, an enormous landmass, and a language utterly dissimilar to our own.

Despite the complexities of doing business, Russia offers significant opportunity which will continue to grow.  Studies of the Russian ecommerce market, for example, forecast it will reach $40 - $50 billion by 2020.

Localization is critical for success in Russia, and content should be created for the reader rather than directly translating and repurposing existing content. As always, working with a trusted local partner is the best move.

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