Global Data Sources Compared

Data Sources

Our advice to US marketers that are expanding to international markets always begins with the need to re-set expectations. The complexities of Data Privacy compliance, and a vastly longer execution time are 2 things notably different than in the US.

But nothing is as dramatically different as the quantity and quality of data available in the US, as compared to any other country in the world. As we continue to examine Global Data Quantities, let's take a look at the number of data sources available in 8 big International markets as compared to quantities in the US.

Our first chart shows the number of Business and Consumer sources available for the BRIC countries and 4 top EU countries.

Data Sources

In this next chart we have added US data quantities in with the previous 8 countries. This gives perspective on the overwhelming abundance of US data as compared to any other country.

Data Sources with US

Here are the numbers in a table for Business, Consumer, and Combined Total sources.

Data Sources by numbers

See all global data quantities on a map, and summary stats by Region and Country here.

If you'd like to browse available datasets, we’ve also created specialty data catalogs which briefly summarize the extensive data we house in our repository. Each listing includes basic information on each dataset we’re tracking. Infocore's International Data Catalogs are FREE to DOWNLOAD.

Contact us to learn the rest of story behind these numbers and data about other markets around the world.