Devices Used by Car Shoppers in 2017

US Browser Market ShareShrewd automotive marketers use one-to-one marketing tactics to individually reach consumers actively shopping for new vehicles. One of the more potent and efficient methods to do so is using third party lists of consumers who have recently been online shopping for very specific cars, and who have consented to receive messages from select marketers. If you're not familiar with the mechanics of this method, read this

The good news is that this method of marketing is very precise, cost effective and can scale to high enough volumes to truly move the needle for large auto OEMs and their agency partners. One drawback has been that - until now - certain details about those specific shoppers have not been available to marketers. 

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A Tech Breakthrough in Direct Marketing

Granny Panties go High TechA while ago I read a great article by Diane Bossotti about how Direct Mail was the "granny panties" of the marketing world. I agreed with every word she wrote, and admired her analogy, both because it was provocative enough to grab attention, but also because it is so true.

Direct mail - and its parent, direct marketing - are often thought of as dowdy, dingy, or old fashioned. Compared to the sexy perception of digital, social, or mobile, Direct does have a perception problem.

But Direct has no problem when it comes to results. A couple of recent stats from the DMA Statistical Fact Book show that Direct Marketing, whether postal or email, consistently performs admirably and well ahead of other media forms - full coverage and sensible fabrics and all.

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International Data Quantities by Region

Intl data quantities

Here's an overview of marketing data around the world, organized by region.

A few points of interest when looking at this data. Consumer data quantities exceed B2B in all regions except Global. What is the Global Category? Global sources offer data in multiple countries in multiple regions. They are not counted in other tallys.

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B2B Marketing Data Insight for Top US Export Partner Countries


The US was the world’s second largest exporter in 2015, behind only China. Over 34% of exported goods went to our neighbors to the north and south. Canada and Mexico are first and second respectively, with China and Japan rounding out the Top 4 Trade Partners for US Exports of Goods.

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Countries with Most / Least expensive data

Data Prices

An important consideration for direct marketers venturing outside the U.S. is the need to re-set their U.S. based expectations.

The quantity of available data in international markets is a fraction of the inventory available in the U.S. ecosystem. And the turnaround time to execute on a project is often two to three times what it would be here.

The cost of direct marketing data in the U.S. is consistent and relatively inexpensive. Not so elsewhere. Here are some country highs and lows:

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TPP Countries Data Sources

TPP country statsIn 2014 the United States’ total trade flows with the Trans-Pacific Partnership countries were over $1.6 trillion.

While the agreement has both fervent fans and determined detractors, there is no question that the TPP member countries represent a fast-growing market in the Asia-Pacific.

Below is a look at data sources available to marketers for email or direct mail campaigns in Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, and Vietnam.

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Trans-Pacific Partnership Marketing Data

TPP country statsThe controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership is one of the most ambitious free trade agreements ever signed. However you may feel about the terms of the agreement, marketers should realize there will be 3.2 billion middle class consumers living in the Asia Pacific area by 2030.

In fact, 95% of the world's consumers live outside the US, and supporters of the TPP say the US will end up with a larger slice of that pie. Proponents say the TPP will result in hundreds of millions of new middle-class consumers for US products.

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Direct Mail Marketing Poised for Growth in Russia

Russian StampIn mid-2015 Russia's national postal service announced plans to revive the country's Direct Mail market. Many marketing channels in Russia are under developed, and historically direct marketing was not much utilized. But of late it is developing into an effective and profitable channel. 

Russian Post intends to be the driver behind expansion of the targeted mailing market and plans to own about 70% of market share by 2018. Russian Post is developing Direct Mail as a specific business line, and has launched a new federal level service called Direct-mail Standard.

The new service is just the first part of a large scale promotional plan aimed at securing dominance of the blossoming direct mail market.  The new business line is expected to earn them 9 billion rubles, today's equivalent of $125,221,680, by 2018. 

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Market Focus: Auto Shoppers in the US

First Published 03-21-16 in Target Marketing


Efficiently reaching auto shoppers at the right moment is critical for automotive marketers and their agency partners. While there are many proven marketing tactics that drive car sales in the US, one approach is being exploited by just a few very shrewd OEM marketers: Data driven direct marketing.

A direct marketing data audience is defined as a list of individuals (and their contact information) who share a specific set of attributes or activities that have been collected and codified into a database that can be re-sold for marketing purposes, with the proper consents from the data subjects to allow for this use. Contact methods include email, direct mail, telephone and SMS.

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Global Data Sources Compared

Data Sources

Our advice to US marketers that are expanding to international markets always begins with the need to re-set expectations. The complexities of Data Privacy compliance, and a vastly longer execution time are 2 things notably different than in the US.

But nothing is as dramatically different as the quantity and quality of data available in the US, as compared to any other country in the world. As we continue to examine Global Data Quantities, let's take a look at the number of data sources available in 8 big International markets as compared to quantities in the US.

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3rd Party Audience Email is the Best-Kept Secret in Acquisition Marketing

Published in Dealer Marketing Magazine, February 2016

Dealer Marketing Magazine

The U.S. auto market continues to enjoy strong sales, and OEMs remain very sophisticated in their media approach to marketing new vehicles and promoting key sales events.

But with the constant pressure for a strong media performance with measurable results, automotive marketers are more emphatic than ever that new customer acquisition programs—“conquesting” in the automotive parlance—must meet the following criteria: 

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The Best Kept Secret in Acquisition Marketing

Published in RESPONSE Magazine, January 2016


Choosing the most efficient tactics for new customer acquisition is both critical and a constant challenge, especially given the myriad options available to marketers today. One thing we know for sure is that winning acquisition programs must meet the following criteria:

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The 3 Courses of Superb Campaign Execution

Direct Marketing List Brokerage

Like a meal, a direct marketing campaign is served up in courses - Pre-Campaign, Production, and Post-Campaign.

There are many ingredients that must come together to create successful, data driven marketing: a valuable product, great creative, strong data, and excellence in execution are some of the most critical elements.

Here's the recipe for excellent execution in each phase of a direct marketing email campaign.

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Global Marketing Data Ratios

Global Data

The quantity, diversity and specificity of data available in international markets is a fraction of the inventory available in the U.S. ecosystem. A very small fraction.

Looking at the ratio of records to population, there are about 215 available data records per individual in the US. Compare that to the next closest country - the UK, with 16 records per person.

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Direct Marketing Data Stats & Inventory: APAC

APAC data quantities

Here's a look at data availability in the APAC region, taken from Infocore's International Data Repository.

Our system is currently tracking more than 15 billion records in over 150 countries, originating from more than 3900 separate datasets owned by more than 2600 data partners around the world.

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3 Tips for Going Global

Originally published on August 12, 2015 in the AMA blog, Elevate.

3 tipsWhen it comes to enriching customer data for CRM initiatives or conducting new customer acquisition campaigns using a channel like e-mail, U.S. marketers have the benefit of working in the most prolific, efficient data market in the world.

The U.S. has more than 200 times more data available per capita than any other market. CMOs and senior marketers in the U.S. can count on the ideal combination of market dynamics:

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Global Data by the Numbers

The abundance of data in the USA in comparison

infographic global data quantities

A comparison of data quantities in 8 of the 84 countries we're monitoring. The quantity, diversity and specificity of data available in international markets is a fraction of the inventory available in the US ecosystem. To succed, US marketers marketing outside the USA must adapt to a new set of rules, and re-set nearly all their US-derived expectations. 

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Continued Privacy Worries That Could Eradicate Predictive Analytics

graphsPredictive analytics is an extraordinarily sophisticated business practice that is so successful it might just evolve itself to the brink of extinction.

Tech writer Vangie Beal defines the space nicely:

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Data Compliance Review Process

Data Compliance review process

The stages of Infocore's Data Compliance Review Process.

Many ingredients combine to create a successful, data driven campaign: a valuable product, great creative, strong data, excellence in execution, and carefully vetted, compliant data.

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Global Data Quantities in Perspective

One of the Global Marketing Mistakes & Misconceptions is thinking that data quality and quantity outside the US will be similar to what's available in the US.

infographic global data quantities

Check out this comparison of data quantities in 6 of the 84 countries we're monitoring. Notice the stunning quantity of data in the US compared to other markets. Its easy to see how this contributes to US marketers' missed expectations when marketing outside the USA.

Each of these numbers tells an important story about marketers' options when executing new customer acquisition, customer data enrichment, or CRM initiatives.

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Strength of Data Privacy Regimes

Relative Strength of Data Privacy Regimes

location key

Data Privacy is one of the most contentious, high-stakes considerations when working in foreign markets. Infocore supports some of the largest companies in the world with data compliance considerations in more than 80 countries. To get you started, here’s a brief summary of the relative intensity of the data privacy regimes in many key markets.

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Going Postal in Dubai

Old Emirates mailbox Dubai has no zip codes, no door-to-door postal service, and Dubai residents do not use street names or numbered addresses when giving directions. Not surprisingly, UAE addresses cannot be automatically geocoded.

Historically, Dubai has used descriptive addresses which include directions based on points of reference. Parcel deliveries, from neighborhood shops, local courier services, and even FedEx, all rely on an included description. (This, along with the lack of a zip code, often proves confusing to someone mailing from the U.S. for the first time.)

With no door-to-door mail delivery available, residents have long relied on P.O. boxes. People pay for a box at the post office and make the trip to pick up their mail on their own schedule.

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Considerations for DM in Turkey

Turkish flag

Our recent data sourcing trip included a visit to Turkey, which is an increasingly hot market these days. This interesting country presents both challenge and opportunity. Some direct marketing considerations include:


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