Brazil Scores 6.95 on the GMDI

GMDI Brazil cover

Infocore has just released its groundbreaking Global Marketing Data Index (GMDI). This proprietary scoring system was designed to offer marketers, agencies and direct mail practitioners a form of international shorthand, to help them gauge the relative maturity, depth and complexity of the Marketing Data Industry in a given country and/or region.

With this insightful and easily digestible scoring tool in hand, marketers can better plan and anticipate their budgets, timelines and logistical considerations, in support of their global direct marketing activities. To accomplish this, the GMDI includes objective research into dozens of influences and dynamics, including the country’s political and economic landscape, the availability and quality of infrastructure to support direct marketing, the quality and quantity of available data, and the on-the-ground complexities and limitations which could have dramatic effects on a marketer’s plans in a given country. 

The Index was developed by a team of experts and researchers at Infocore, extensively assisted by a global network of external partners, legal experts, private and public data sources and specialized service providers. Although a single, rolled up score is calculated for each country, that overall score is actually comprised of 54 separate sub-scores combined together in a proprietary, weighted scoring model, which allocates appropriate emphasis to each sub element.

The first Country Report covers Brazil, one of the most exciting and productive direct marketing opportunities in the world. For a limited time the Brazil GMDI report is available on a controlled release basis.