Available Data: Malaysia and Singapore

TPP countries Singapore & MalaysiaDirect Marketers with an eye on APAC will want to check out these data sources for two more Trans-Pacific Partnership countries.

Singapore, known as one of Asia's economic "tigers", is a thriving financial and tech-hub. Unemployment is very low, the GDP is very high, and the economy is stable. Singapore has attracted major foreign investments, particularly in high tech industries, and much of the workforce is from other countries. About 3,600 US companies are established in Singapore, many of which are the Asia regional headquarters. Many Americans and other westerners live and work in the clean, beautiful, low crime city state. It is considered one of the best places to live and work, and is also one of the most expensive in the world.

Malasia is a diverse, multi cultural country made up of two regions seperated by 640 miles of water. It is a middle-income country striving to make high-income status by 2020. Malaysia is a very strong trade partner with the US, and the US is the leading foreign investor in the country. The economy is strong and growing. Malaysia is a key tourist spot in the region and tourism is the third largest source of foreign exchange. Malaysia is also a burgeoning international destination for medical tourism.

Infocore ID 566777

This universe of 1 million covers 85% of Singapore households. The combination of coverage, targeting demographics and deliverability make this list a smart choice. Selects include age, gender, geo, income, marital status, and presence of children.

Infocore ID 296387

Select from these 18 million consumer contacts in Malaysia with precision. Segments available include, but are not limited to address, family name, first name, ID, place of birth, street, street number, city, date of birth, ethnicity, gender, income range, mobile number, postal code, and state.

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