Direct Mail Marketing in Sweden

sweden dataConsumers in Sweden, and in the other Nordic countries as well, are highly receptive to direct mail marketing. In Sweden 60% of consumers are interested in receiving more promotional offers in their mailboxes.

The popularity of Direct Mail may come as a surprise to some, considering how very digital Sweden is. With a population of nearly 10 million, internet penetration is a whopping 93%. Not surprisingly, ecommerce is thriving in Sweden, where 66% of consumers shopped online in the first 6 months of 2016.

But Direct Mail is holding its own. It is an effective means of customer acquisition and retention, and brand building. Direct Mail is a powerful addition to the marketing mix and adds to the stickiness of digital campaigns. Consumer attitudes are favorable and regard it as more personal and less intrusive.

A report on Direct Mail by Postnord found that 42% of Swedish survey respondents find it enjoyable and interesting to receive advertising in the mailbox, while only 4% say they enjoyed email or social media advertising. 38% of respondents visited the company website, and 47% googled the product or service mentioned in a direct mail piece. 

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Current inventory for Sweden:

Sweden Datasets & Records

This consumer list is worth a look: With a universe of 6,750,000, this notable source reaches nearly 85% of the households in Sweden. Selects for this highly deliverable file include Geography, Family Structure, Marital status, Presence of children, Income, Gender, and Age.
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