English speaking APAC execs

Remarkable coverage of the APAC area nations! Reach 6.7 million business contacts in over 60 countries with no language complexities - they all speak english.

This list includes a useful mix of companies - regional headquarters of multinational corps, large local businesses, and SMBs with annual revenues over $1.5 million US.  These are local execs as well as expats with job functions ranging from managers up to top decision makers.

Select by job title, company size, industry, and geography using postal, phone, email or mobile.

Infocore ID: 623707

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Direct Mail Marketing in Sweden

sweden dataConsumers in Sweden, and in the other Nordic countries as well, are highly receptive to direct mail marketing. In Sweden 60% of consumers are interested in receiving more promotional offers in their mailboxes.

The popularity of Direct Mail may come as a surprise to some, considering how very digital Sweden is. With a population of nearly 10 million, internet penetration is a whopping 93%. Not surprisingly, ecommerce is thriving in Sweden, where 66% of consumers shopped online in the first 6 months of 2016.

But Direct Mail is holding its own. It is an effective means of customer acquisition and retention, and brand building. Direct Mail is a powerful addition to the marketing mix and adds to the stickiness of digital campaigns. Consumer attitudes are favorable and regard it as more personal and less intrusive.

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European Execs with Exceptional Selects

Euro ExecsChoose your consumers with precision using this rich source of over 5,241,000 business execs in 40 countries from Greenland to Romania. Reach out to these fully opted in decision makers by email. phone, and postal channels.

Selects include contact name, job function and title, gender, personal email, company, address, telephone, fax, company email, company URL, SIC/NAICS code and description, parent country, sales volume, number of employees, and public/private company type.

Segment by 20 plus job categories including, among others, HR, Finance, PR, R&D, Sales, Marketing, Legal, IT, Training and more.

Infocore ID: 678293

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Puerto Rican Consumers file

Reach the rapidly growing market of nearly 1.3 million middle and higher income consumers in Ruerto Rico when you use this direct marketing data file. This super clean file connects you with opted in consumers who are interersted in new products and services. These English/Spanish speakers are proven buyers and ideal prospects for catalogs; home & garden; continuity programs and memberships; men's, women's, children's, and general merchandise; opportunities/sweeps/contests; and publishing offers.

Among the available selects are Gender, Geography, Lifestyle interests and more. Segment by Opportunity Seekers, Health Buyers, Upscale, and Seniors.

Infocore ID:591825

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Reaching Canada Business Execs

In 2015 the US exported 280.4 billion dollars worth of goods to Canada. Reach 1.6 million Canadian Business execs with this list and tap into this top market for US Goods. Companies range from small home based businesses to those with 1000+ employees.

Select by company info such as SIC, date established, number of employees, location and more. Exec selects include, among others, job function, gender, title. 

Infocore ID: 103277

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Marketing to Families in Spain

If you're marketing to families in Spain you'll want to check out this list. Reach 2.6 million opted-in families, from mothers-to-be through families with children up to 18 years old. This file is sourced from a popular online destination focused on parenting and pregnancy.

Selects include Due date, Child's data of birth, number of children, name, address, telephone, mobile, email. Postal is available for the complete universe, with partial availability for email, SMS, and phone channels.

Infocore ID: 670804

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Asia Pacific Business List

Use this list to connect with 7 million fresh APAC business contacts, selectable by SIC/NAICS Code. This well groomed file is updated daily and gains 25,000 new contacts every month.

Data sources include Proprietary Mobile Collection Apps, CRM, Proprietary Web App, and Events, Workshops, & Seminars. These business contacts are located in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Infocore ID: 668128

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Notable Data: Argentina, making a comeback

argentinaThings are looking less tearful for Argentina these days. In April the country returned to the global debt market after 15 years. Economic reforms and efforts to open the country to investors have led market experts to predict Argentina is poised for a boom in IPOs, particularly by companies in the energy, agriculture and finance sectors. Start working on your marketing strategy with this list:

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Global B2B Contacts by Job Functions & Skills

b2b contacts with socialSelect from 60 million global business contacts using social insights, and then connect using postal, phone, and email. This highly accurate list starts with publicly available social profiles and adds postal address, phone, and business emails using proprietary append processes. Select your best prospects using job functions, titles, skills, and keywords. Selectable company

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UK Consumers with Abundant Selects

UK flagExceedingly selectable and exceptionally fresh, this file contains 15 million consumers in the UK. Target with pinpoint precision using 300 data points in this highly accurate list. Segments include buyers of Insurance by type, fashionistas, travellers, telecom and broadband subscribers, donors, gamblers, and music lovers. The extensive selects cover vehicle info, dwelling info, demographics and family

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Vietnam: Obama, Bourdain, Tariffs, and TPP

Happy BuddhaPresident Obama had dinner with Anthony Bourdain in Vietnam, during the President's 10th trip to Asia. Bourdain picked up the $6 tab. The President also spent some time talking about, among other matters, the TransPacific Partnership agreement.

Vietnam is one of the countries predicted to benefit the most from the TPP agreement. The World Bank estimates the TPP would increase Vietnam's GDP nearly 10 % over a decade. 

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Brunei: The TPP Country no one has heard of

TPP country Brunei

Brunei Darussalam is a very small, very interesting country that most people have never heard of. As a member of the TransPacific Partnership agreement it is getting a bit more notice, but is still largely a mystery.

The Sultanate of Brunei, officially known as the "Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace" has been ruled by the same family for over 600 years. The country has one of the world's highest GDPs, largely due to extensive reserves of petroleum and natural gas. Its 425,000 people pay no personal taxes and enjoy a very high standard of living.

With so much of its economy relying on the export of fossil fuels, Brunei is eager to attract foreign investments and diversify the economy. About 65% of Brunei's overall trade takes place with TPP countries. 

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Italian Businesses by Category

Reach 2,700,000 Italian businesses by type with this super granular file. Segments include Postal Address, phone number, email, contact person, turnover, profit, number of employees, and VAT code. With over 1,500 business activities to choose from you can target with tremendous precision. Select by medial specialty, products manufactured, retailers, wholesalers, porta-potty rentals, churches by religion and so much more.
Infocore ID: 653797

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Data Files: Mexico and Canada

TPP countries Canada & MexicoAmong the Trans-Pacific Partnership countries are our neighbors to the north and south.

The strength of Data Privacy regimes is quite different in each of our neighboring countries. Canada has strong privacy legislation, with a particulary tough stance on spam and malware. Mexico is regarded as having a more moderate regime.

Infocore ID 101033
Here's another super selectable file, with over 3.2 million business contacts in Mexico. Some of the available segments include Company Address, Company Name, Company Phone, Contact Corporate Email, Contact Name, Contact Titles, Number of Employees, Phone Number, Revenue, SIC/NAICS Code, and more.

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Available Data: Malaysia and Singapore

TPP countries Singapore & MalaysiaDirect Marketers with an eye on APAC will want to check out these data sources for two more Trans-Pacific Partnership countries.

Singapore, known as one of Asia's economic "tigers", is a thriving financial and tech-hub. Unemployment is very low, the GDP is very high, and the economy is stable. Singapore has attracted major foreign investments, particularly in high tech industries, and much of the workforce is from other countries. About 3,600 US companies

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Consumer Files: Australia, New Zealand

TPP countries Australia & New ZealandDirect Marketers targeting consumers in Australia and New Zealand (both Trans-Pacific Partnership countries) will be interested in these rich data sources.

Infocore ID: 637149 

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Notable Data: Chile & Peru

TPP countries Chile & PeruHere are 2 noteworthy data sources for direct marketers looking at Chile and Peru, both of which are members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

Infocore ID 103779

Over 7.3 million business contacts in Peru. Segments available include, but are not limited to, address, department, district, door number, KM, location code, number, business/industry type, company address, company name, company phone, contact corporate email, contact name, number of employees, province, sales volume, and SIC/NAICS code. 

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Highly Selectable Consumer file for Italy

Italy Consumer fileTarget with precision using this very selectable list of over 9.2 million Italian consumers. Selects include name, postal address, phone number, age, catalog buyers, donors and more. Segment by household info, income, purchase types and others.
Infocore ID: 653802

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Comprehensive Japan Business File

Japanese Business contactsReach the Japanese Business Market with this large and up to date file of nearly 7 million contacts. Constantly updated for unparalled accuracy, and containing SIC codes, this file lets you precision target the industries you need to reach. Telemarketing is allowed to this list and selects include phone, geography, and SIC/NAICS Code.
Infocore ID: 611923

Over 1 Billion Fully Permissioned Chinese Consumers

1 billion chinese credit card holders

Market to this enormous file of active Chinese Credit Card holders via SMS, telemarketing, WeChat, WhatsApp, and Weibo. Filter by Location, Net Purchase Amount, and Product & Services categories including Hotel, Dinning, Entertainment, Watch and Jewelry, Arts, Automotive, Airlines, Supermarket, Clinics and Hospitals, and Education. Also includes Affluence levels.
Infocore ID: 606339

200,000,000 Chinese Consumers

A recent sourcing trip to China brought us access to new, huge, high quality files. Age, Gender, Life Stage, Presence of children, and DOB are among the demographics for this data which is sourced from retailers, banks and select Chinese websites. Home, auto and pet ownership, as well as extensive transactional details are all available.
Infocore ID: 602849

4 million active businesses in Germany

Are you or your client marketing to businesses in Europe?

This high quality compiled database lets you connect with 4 million active businesses in Germany. Selects for these companies - all of which have been verified for solvency, include industry, region, decision-makers, business sector, company size, and more. 
Infocore ID: 455117

6.2 million Households in Spain

Reach 6.2 million households in Spain with this well maintained, compiled list. Perfect for telemarketing, this file contains all households that have a phone. The wide assortment of selects makes for precision targeting. This is the most complete compiled consumer database available for Spain.
Infocore ID: 395331

Consumers in Hungary; an entire Hungarian Village for Rent

You'll do so well with this file that you'll want to rent a Hungarian village and become the temporary Deputy Mayor. Reach 10 million consumers in 3.8 million households when you use this high quality, well groomed list.

Then, rent a village for only $780 per day. The deal includes 6 horses, 2 cows, 3 sheep, a bus stop, 4 streets, 7 guest houses, and so much more!

Infocore ID: 100737

High Level Business Buyers APAC

Executive decision makers in international business and technology. These individuals consist of presidents, owners, CEOs, CFOs, VP's, directors, and managers who implement key business and technology decisions around the world. They spend millions of dollars to purchase various products and services abroad to enhance their company more efficiently. 1.3+ million records.
Infocore ID: 101631

Business Decision Makers in China

This data list can help you reach decision makers from China in the financial, technology, telecommunications, insurance, law, retail, health care, medicine, pharmaceutical, construction, and service industries. These executives from small, medium, and large companies include Licensed Professionals, CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Owners, Managers, Administrators, and Directors. Email and postal lists contain full contact and company information with a wide choice of selections.
Infocore ID: 570321

Consumers in France

Looking to reach consumers in France?

This file contains 10 million records and provides more than 200 variables which include but are not limited to Age, Education, Income Band, Home Owner/Renter, Number of children in household, Occupation and sooo much more.
Infocore ID: 378277

Consumers in South Africa

If you're looking to South Africa, take a look at this whopper of a file. This consumer database contains 50,000,000 records with dozens of variables including ID#, Name, Address, Work number, Cell number, home number, email address, Age, Income, Gender, Marital Status, Ethnicity, Own vs Rent, # Adults in HH, # Kids in HH, Occupation, Presence of kids and many more.
InfocoreID: 371015

LATAM Mobile Phone Subscribers

If you're interested in Latin American mobile phone subscriber mailing lists, try this highly regarded file. This brawny consumer data file can provide well over 217 million consumer contacts in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru. Segments available include, but are not limited to name, phone number and address.
InfocoreID: 555693

Robust Australian Consumers List

This multi-sourced, highly targeted database contains over 11 million Australian adults. The always fresh data is continuously updated and guaranteed to be extremely deliverable. It is super detailed and boasts abundant selects. Don't miss this one if you're targeting Aussies.
Infocore ID: 289513

Middle East

This data file can provide well over 2.2 million consumer contacts in the Middle East. Countries include Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. Segments available include, but are not limited to age, gender, income range, job function, activity area, nationality, marital status, and religion.
InfocoreID: 298647

Russian Business file

Reach 6.5 million business contacts in Russia with this data file. This high scoring list is continuously researched and updated for accuracy. Segments available include, but are not limited to Company Name and SIC code/Russian classification.
Infocore ID: 100733

Swiss Consumers

This compiled consumer database covers almost all Swiss households! You’ll have access to around 6 million consumers in 3.2 million households with this comprehensive file.

Many selection criteria are available to best segment the target group – e.g. age, class, income, assets, and geo selections. It is a mix of real individual data and aggregated data for certain areas / regions from official statistics.
Infocore ID: 500365

Global B2B Sr Execs with eMails

Reach senior executives throughout the world with this fresh and well maintained international B2B list of senior decision makers with emails. This is the only international list on the market where you can select data by job roles, job titles, geography, and industries across all the channels of email, phone, or direct mail. The only database of its kind which is a mix of compiled and response data.
Infocore ID: 103875

Consumers in Turkey

This newly available data set contains 12.5 million consumer contacts in Turkey. Great for direct mail, SMS, and email campaigns, this data was gathered from campaigns, credit card history, and loyalty programs. Segments available include, but are not limited to, name, surname, postal address, mobile, e-mail, gender, income level, profession, etc.
Infocore ID: 560449 

Malaysian Residents

This 18 million record list is compiled from multiple sources including surveys and utility records, and has been tele-verified by a reputable personal accreditation agency. These individuals are good prospects for a wide variety of mail offers including: Club Membership, Fund Raising, Home And Garden, and Business Publications.

This file is statistical data composed of residents of selected Malaysian residential areas. These individuals occupy middle to high-range properties from 2-bedroom to 6-bedroom housing units, are highly educated, bilingual, fluent in both English, Cantonese and Bahasa Melayu. They subscribed to both local and international publications and are known to be responsive to a variety of consumer product offers. Email and Mobile counts are available on request.
Infocore ID: 500101

Brazilian Consumer Masterfile

This extremely rich, up-to-date list offers more than 190 million records and over 40 available variables to precisely target the ideal consumers for any marketing or append initiative. The data is collected and refreshed daily by one of the premier data providers in the world.
Infocore ID 278979

Chinese Mobile Phone Users

This exciting dataset offers more than 88 million records consisting of mobile phone users in China. A highly responsive list, available attributes include name, address, gender and age and is recommended for a wide range of offers, from financial services to automotive to travel and real estate.
Infocore ID 104145

Mexican Consumers

This robust dataset offers more than 40 million detailed records on consumers throughout Mexico and includes an extensive selection of variables to choose from including lifestyle, education level, income, credit card holders and more.
Infocore ID 100995