Data Sourcing Experts on a Global Stage

Today’s biggest marketers compete on every continent, and the stakes are higher every day. One of the most common problems global marketers face is reliably reaching their international target customers, since finding legally acceptable direct marketing data in many parts of the world can be such a challenging task.

To support its global clients, Infocore offers a comprehensive range of data acquisition services in 150+ countries. With 25 years of experience in global data sourcing, the team at Infocore has cultivated hundreds of relationships with high quality data sources throughout Asia, Australia, India, Eastern and Western Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

Clients rely on Infocore to find, vet, negotiate and deliver the perfect data for their direct marketing and database enrichment activities. Where needed, Infocore conducts Compliance Reviews on data to assist with validating the data collection processes and their adherence to current regulatory and data privacy requirements.

Infocore’s International Data Repository: 18+ billion records

To support our global clients, Infocore manages its own International Data Repository, which tracks extensive details on all the direct marketing data outside the USA that we can source for our clients and partners. The largest private repository of its kind in the world, our system is currently tracking more than 18 billion records in over 150 countries, originating from more than 5500 separate datasets around the world. Coupled with our access to more than 70,000 datasets inside the US, no other data sourcing agency can support its clients like Infocore can.