Gain new insights into response by
device type, operating system and browser.

Marketers that use Social, Digital and Mobile get a huge variety of rich, insightful data about the users who see and engage with their ads. They use these insights to better understand their prospects, and to better design their ads. But direct marketers? Not so much.

CampaignTrac has solved this deficiency by delivering in depth insights on every open and click for every campaign – insights never before available in the opaque world of third party email marketing:

  • Opens and Clicks by Device Type (such as Desktop vs. Mobile vs. Tablet)
  • Opens and Clicks by Browser (such as Chrome vs. IE vs. Safari)
  • Opens and Clicks by Operating system (such as Windows vs. iOS)

A show of strength

We are happy to arrange a personal demo of CampaignTrac and show you how it can help your business.