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Acquisition MarketingThink Direct Mail is Old News?

Think Direct Mail is Old News?

Direct mail may not be the coolest kid on the playground, but it continues to be an incredibly valuable way to reach your target audience. In fact, direct mail is tied with social media as the second most used medium for driving brand awareness, and it continues to produce the best response rate of any medium! ¹ There is no better way to communicate to your audience in a tangible, hold-it-in-your-hands kind of way. Even if *gasp* the mail gets thrown away, it still counts as an impression because your audience is forced to physically interact with it.

If you’re familiar with the 40/40/20 rule, then you know that any marketing campaign should have the following focus – 40% on determining your audience, 40% on crafting a compelling offer and 20% on the creative message. We believe there’s a reason that determining your audience comes first in this formula. When direct mail is highly targeted, it has a 61% effectiveness rate in reaching its intended audience while integrated, branded, personalized direct mail has a 78% effectiveness rate! ²

Imagine this scenario for a moment…

Wanda, a 65-year-old chemist, has decided to retire. She’s discovered that she has a knack for gardening, and she’s excited to spend more time digging in the dirt. On the eve of her retirement, she gets a postcard in the mail for a new nursery opening near her home. They’re offering a $10 off coupon for every $50 spent during opening weekend. Wanda is delighted! She tucks the postcard into her purse and starts making a mental list of the gardening supplies she will buy.

At Infocore, we are experts at connecting you to the Wandas of the world. When you have the right audience data, you can be sure that the remaining 40% and 20% of your efforts are going to the people who will appreciate them the most. We go beyond geography and demographics to give you advanced data that has been carefully amended and enhanced to give you a curated list that will maximize your chances of audience conversion. And, our data is always compliant with current privacy laws no matter where you do business.

Testing is essential

One more important thing to note. With many years of experience conducting scientific data testing, we can tell you one thing for sure – you must test your direct mail campaigns. A/B testing is the most common example. It’s when you test two versions of a direct mail piece – version A and version B. You will isolate just one variable to test, e.g. your list, your offer or your creative. In contrast, multi-variable testing will test multiple variables at one time.

This is scientific stuff, folks. There is no guesswork in testing. Results are measurable. ROI is measurable. In addition, testing will also help you build your own set of house data so that you can keep refining your marketing pieces based on your results. In the end, this will make your direct marketing strategy more streamlined, efficient and cost-effective.

The fact that direct mail is a tried and true direct marketing approach doesn’t mean that it can’t evolve. We are already seeing direct mail integrate with new technologies such as geo mapping, QR codes, email re-targeting and augmented reality. Instead of competing with email and social media, direct mail complements your digital campaigns and should be considered an indispensable part of your omnichannel strategy.

People are finding out that direct mail is an incredibly effective way to cut through all the digital clutter. Just recently, This Old Marketing podcast listed a slow move back to print marketing as their number two prediction for 2020 marketing trends, citing the possibility that largest companies will start sending out glossy magazines and newspapers as a form of direct mail. As this happens, the subscriber lists that are made available to our third-party data suppliers will become more plentiful leading to improved segmenting for even more precise targeting

Direct Mail Crash Course

Direct mail is a powerful marketing channel, but in addition to the perfect audience, you need the latest insights and expertise to implement high-performing campaigns.  One of the industry’s top experts, Modern Postcard, offers a Direct Mail Crash Course.  Check their website for details.

Want to know more about how Infocore can help you create the perfect audience for your direct mail campaign? Contact us! We’d love to give you a free consultation.

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