changing auto market

The Automotive Market is Changing – Are You Ready?

Written by Amelia Cortes

According to our market research, some interesting changes to the Automotive Market are taking place. According to J.D. Power’s 2020 U.S. End of Lease Satisfaction Study, 1.8 million consumers are scheduled to turn in their leased vehicles in the near future.1

At the same time, brand loyalty is shifting, mass transit users are defecting, and demand for certified pre-owned vehicles is rising. That means that competition for those 1.8 million consumers will be fierce. Are you ready?

Our new Audience Overview takes a look at the changing Automotive Market by analyzing 300 million consumer records* categorized into eight audience categories. These carefully selected consumers are in the market and ready to buy a car!

Download this FREE report to learn more about:

  • Mass Transit Defectors
  • Certified Pre-Owned Intenders
  • Consumers Coming Off Lease
  • Sedan Intenders
  • CUV / SUV Intenders
  • Truck Intenders
  • EV / PHEV Intenders
  • Asian Car Intenders
*Represents records, not population. Duplication is from individuals being included on more than one list and represented in more than one segment.