Recipe for Campaign Success

The 3 Courses of Superb Campaign Execution

Written by Amelia Cortes

Like a meal, a direct marketing campaign is served up in courses – Pre-Campaign, Production, and Post-Campaign.

There are many ingredients that must come together to create successful, data driven marketing: a valuable product, great creative, strong data, and excellence in execution are some of the most critical elements.

Here’s the recipe for excellent execution in each phase of a direct marketing email campaign.


Does the above seem a little daunting? Enter Infocore.

Infocore’s unique team of media buyers, analysts, account directors and campaign managers handle this entire process from start to finish for many of our clients, in close cooperation with their agency partners.

Our deeply experienced teams create exceptional efficiencies for our agency partners, allowing them to focus on strategy, client relationships and creative, while we handle all the mechanics of audience selection, campaign execution and performance reporting.

Could you use some help? We’d love to talk with you about how we can extend the efficiency and enhance the performance of your direct marketing campaigns.

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