Tip #1 - Provide Ready to Test Files

Are Your Files Ready-to-Test?

Written by Amelia Cortes

After years of launching successful email marketing campaigns, we’ve learned a thing or two. Because we often see the same common mistakes happen over and over again, we were inspired to write a series of blog posts to share our Top 5 Tips for Campaign Success 

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Tip #1 - Provide Ready to Test FilesHTML is Best

First things first… When it comes to kicking off an email campaign, your creative code matters. Using HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) files is better and faster than PDF (Portable Document Format) or PSD (Photoshop Document) files. HTML is the file type most known and commonly used in the deployment of email campaigns, and it can be easily and efficiently uploaded by any ESP (Email Service Provider).  Why does this matter? If your files are in another file format, they may need to be converted to HTML which can significantly slow down the process.

Establish a Link Matrix

Before sending the HTML files to the Infocore team, test the links internally and establish a link matrix.  The link matrix is a roadmap to the HTML file and details every link in the email creative by name and corresponding URL. These links will be tracked by the deployment system for post-campaign analysis of customer engagement, such as how many people opened the email and how many people clicked on each link.  If the links in the file don’t match the link matrix (or are missing), the set-up process can be delayed, and the campaign metrics can be flawed. We cannot overstate the importance of having these links set up properly as it allows us to easily and effectively evaluate the success of the campaign.

Obvious but worth stating, make sure your links are to landing pages that are pertinent to your campaign.

Provide a Visual Roadmap

In addition to the HTML file and link matrix, it’s helpful to also provide a PDF of the finished email creative with callouts for images and links. A PDF will give the email vendor a visual example to reference when they’re building out the test email. Having well-proofed HTML files, link matrices and PDFs for visual reference may seem like extra work, but we promise, it will save time during testing!

The next post in our Top 5 Tips for Campaign Success will discuss your Content Checklist. Don’t miss it!

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