Focus on Taking a Pause by Journaling!

Infocore Connect: Let’s Talk Journaling!

Written by Madison Carr

Infocore Connect

Do you ever feel that you move so fast during the day that you forget to take a moment to be present? This behavior can be the norm for most of us, as we are so used to finishing a task and moving on to the next without taking a break. This week’s #WellnessWednesday focuses on an activity that forces you to take a pause – journaling!

Journaling is a great outlet for releasing your feelings and can help you learn more about yourself. It’s extremely beneficial, as it has been seen to reduce stress and anxiety, provide clarity, help you achieve goals and beyond. There are a variety of journals available; check out some of our favorites below to help get you started.

The Five-Minute Journal

The Five-Minute Journal is a great journal for beginners. It’s easy to use – all you have to do is answer a set of questions when you wake up and answer another set of questions before you go to bed. This journal allows you to start and end the day on a positive note, as the questions focus on what you are grateful for and what you can do to make your days better. It’s a great eye opener, especially when you review your answers when you are having an off day.

The Bullet Journal

The Bullet Journal is a one-stop shop for all things journaling. A bullet (or dotted) journal is a space for you to add anything your heart desires in one place, whether it’s tasks, affirmations, goals, random thoughts, or doodles. Using a bullet journal lets you put everything on paper and leaves space in your mind to be more present.

The Lighthearted Journal

Journaling doesn’t have to be serious! Lighthearted journals (like this one) offer prompts that make it easy to write down your feelings. These types of journals are ideal for those that are more apt to open up when it’s proposed with a sense of humor behind it.

Journaling can seem intimidating at first, but it gets easier the more you write. I have been journaling the last few weeks (via the Five-Minute Journal) and it has taught me that there is so much to be grateful for in every day – whether it be a good or bad day. How do you journal? Share in the comments!

If you want to learn more about journaling, we recommend listening to the “How to Succeed at Journaling” podcast.

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