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Infocore Connect: Our Favorite Fitness Go-Tos

Written by Madison Carr

Infocore ConnectThis week’s #WellnessWednesday is all about getting your heart rate up and those endorphins flowing! Working out helps both your body and mind and feels especially good after you’ve had a stressful day. Thanks to apps, Instagram and YouTube, the gym can be wherever you want it to be – even your bedroom! We’ve rounded up a few places to access our favorite workouts that help both relieve stress and regain positive energy!

Use an App

Workout apps have been around for years and have gained even more steam in the last year. Workout apps are great because you have thousands of workouts at your fingertips! Our favorite apps we’ve been using are Peloton Digital (sign up now for 2 months free!), Nike Training Club and SWEAT.

Search Instagram

Instagram has been saving us while working out at home. Many trainers have been hosting Instagram Live workouts since March and save them on their profiles for easy access. The range of workouts offered gives you the ability to switch it up, which makes it fun! Fitness magazine Women’s Health is a great account for workouts, as they post new videos almost daily, ranging from HIIT to Pilates to kickboxing to stretching. Some trainers also share information on live classes on Zoom!


YouTube isn’t just for watching music videos anymore! Search for whatever you feel like doing on YouTube and you are guaranteed to find a video about it. Our favorite channels on YouTube include Yoga With Adriene, POPSUGAR Fitness and SELF.

Although we may not like doing it at the time, we always feel good after a workout. What are your favorite ways to stay active at home? Share your ideas with us!

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