Infocore Connect: Try Something New!

Infocore Connect: Try Something New!

Written by Madison Carr

Infocore Connect

January is known as the resolution-making month, but instead of making big resolutions, why not just try something new? This week’s #WellnessWednesday encourages you to try something new for your well-being. It doesn’t have to be something grand (like tackling a new diet); it can be something as simple as trying out a new class or learning a new hobby. Below are a few things we’re planning on giving a whirl this year.

Take a Course

Sure, our adolescent and early adult years are filled with schooling, but some things we learned then are irrelevant to us now (I have yet to be asked to write a report in cursive). Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn about, but never did? Thanks to the internet and websites like Coursera, you can take courses on just about anything. I’m enrolling in The Science of Well-Being course this weekend!

Make a New Dish

Try out a new recipe! It may sound intimidating to make something new, but the sense of accomplishment you feel afterwards is worth it. I’ve been trying to incorporate a new recipe into my routine every few weeks, and it’s a great mood booster. Need a place to find recipes? Use Brit+Co!

Read a Book

These days, we are so consumed by scrolling through our phones or watching TV that reading often gets put on the backburner. Not only does reading stimulate your brain and alleviate stress, but it allows you to immerse yourself into a different dimension! Look online for book clubs that you can join or grab the book that has been collecting dust on your bedside table and get started!

The ideas above may be small, but realizing how easy it can be to start something new may make you less fearful in the future when changes come your way. What are you planning on trying to do this year? Share with us in the comments!

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