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Insider’s Corner with Peter Rosenwald: Introduction

Welcome to Insider’s Corner, a bimonthly blog written exclusively for Infocore by data-driven marketing guru, Peter J. Rosenwald.

In each issue, Peter will share his insights on the creative use of data, innovations in the data space and his own maverick opinions on topics ranging from privacy issues to CRM mistakes and much, much more.

Whether you’re an analyst, campaign manager or client services representative, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a true insider’s perspective and an open invitation to join in the discussion.

Peter’s career has spanned five decades and three continents. Best-known for founding and serving as CEO of both Wunderman Worldwide and Saatchi & Saatchi Direct Worldwide, Peter has also consulted for a wide range of high-profile companies, including Citibank, Time Life Books, The Franklin Mint and Disney Consumer Products, Inc.


Having my own corner of the INFOCORE web site is an honor and a delight.

It’s a chance to talk with top data-driven marketers about our fast-changing business. It’s a business I’ve been in for more years than I like to admit, even before founding, managing and growing Wunderman Worldwide, the international arm of the US Wunderman agency way back in the nineteen sixties.

As agency and marketing executives, analysts, campaign managers and managers of client services, I hope you share the excitement that after years spent in the advertising and marketing bush leagues, with the advent of big and rich data and the technologies to use it creatively, our discipline of data-driven marketing has graduated to the majors.

Marketers today have tools we only dreamed about even a decade ago and each year brings new innovations and opportunities to use data to grow our businesses and serve our customers. Telling you about them and encouraging your comments is what I plan to do in my ‘corner’.

As the data maven Stephen Yu has written:

Consumers are bored to tears with almost all marketing messages. There are too many of them, and most aren’t about the readers, but the pushers…

It stops being entirely boring when the message is about them though. Everybody is all about themselves, really. If you receive a group photo that includes you, whose face would you check out first? Of course, your own, as in “Hmm, let me see how I look here.”

That is the fundamental reason why personalization works. But only if it’s done right.

And doing it right demands that you reach the right people with the right message at the right time. Data is just data, basically an expense. The right data gives us knowledge that can be transformed into a powerful engine for marketing.

It’s not hard to remember when INFOCORE’s founder and CEO Peter Jupp came to Brazil in his never-ending search for data for his clients and the largest magazine publisher and data owner, Abril Editora, gladly made available more than a million data files in a country many marketers were eager to reach. As the international ambitions of US companies grew beyond our borders, INFOCORE was beating the bushes in more than 100 countries and making actionable marketing data available for the first time.

Today, throughout the world, data-driven marketing is key to many companies’ marketing efforts. Having data, not just any data but the right data to support corporate strategies, is critical.

In my corner, I want to engage with you, reporting and commenting on what’s really going on and trending, what really makes a difference and what we can learn from all that.

I plan to give you innovative industry data news you might have missed and some whacky out-of-the-box thoughts about where we might be going and how to avoid the potholes in getting there.

I also want to introduce you to some economic models that can make your marketing more cost-effective and some essential KPI measurement tools to guide you increase your margins and growth.

So I urge you to come to the corner frequently as I’ll post new content every two weeks. See you there. In the meantime you can contact me directly at  And click here to continue reading the Insider’s Corner series.

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