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TikTok Sister App ‘Lemon8’ Rises to the Top in the Midst of Data Security Controversy

Security concerns about the well-known social media app, TikTok, have increased recently, resulting in multiple governments considering a ban of the application altogether. Meanwhile TikTok’s parent company has launched a new sister platform called ‘Lemon8’.

How is Lemon8 different from TikTok?

Lemon8 focuses on e-commerce and influencer marketing, where TikTok focuses heavily on content creation. Unlike TikTok, Lemon8 allows its users to tag products and link pricing to promote more influencer marketing. The Lemon8 application moves away from vertical-format video content and leans more into photos and videos that are centered around specific topics like fashion, food, and wellness. Industry observers are beginning to describe Lemon8 as the crossroad between a number of popular social media apps including Instagram, Pinterest, and even Amazon.

Is Lemon8 more secure than TikTok?

TikTok has been a consistent source of controversy over the past few years due to its ownership by Chinese company, ByteDance, and growing concerns about their user data privacy. India and Pakistan have already banned the app, and the United States is considering following suit. The concerns over TikTok have also led to increased scrutiny of other Chinese-owned tech companies. Amidst this uncertainty, Lemon8 has risen as a promising new social media platform in US and UK markets. But is it safer? 

In its infancy, it remains to be seen whether Lemon8 will be able to compete with the nearly 900 million monthly users on TikTok worldwide. However, the platform has launched into the market with emphasis on a safer, more secure user experience. If Lemon8 can hold up its commitment to user data and privacy protection, it could easily become a replacement for TikTok.

Are Influencers Adopting Lemon8 So Far?

Influencers are taking this time of TikTok controversy as an opportunity to leverage Lemon8 and garner a strong following base. Many are aiming to learn how to market themselves on the app before it becomes the next big social media platform. According to hashtags like #Lemon8Partner, many of its users are already being paid to promote content and are therefore helping manufacture a culture of creators that fit the app’s focus on lifestyle segments.



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