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CSUSM Senior Experience Students produce excellent program on Influencer Marketing for Infocore

Carlsbad, CA – December 2022

Infocore would like to thank the stellar Senior team at CSUSM for completing a fantastic Senior Experience Marketing Project focused on Influencers in the Automotive Marketing B2B space. This project brought together five senior students from the College of Business Administration at Cal State University San Marcos (CSUSM) – Marco Bolias, Jana Lapid, Carson Marchello, Alejandra Zea Sanchez, and Jose Araujo.

Over the course of 12 weeks, these five students conducted extensive research on Influencers and their relevance in the Automotive Marketing B2B space, developed a Social Media Plan, and put together a comprehensive recommendation for Infocore in 2023. The team met bi-weekly to discuss the project, their findings, and their progress. The students estimated that they spent over 750 hours on this project altogether.

They produced a very professional Scope of Work, then executed on that Scope of Work and produced a professional and detailed Situational Analysis, a breakdown of the Influencer market, a list of potential Influencers and Influencer agencies, and a comprehensive Social Media Plan and budget.

These five seniors presented their findings in person as a group at CSUSM on December 5, 2022. They finished the project off by featuring their findings in the CSUSM Senior Experience Expo on December 15, 2022, at CSUSM. From start to finish the team was professional, driven, and responsive. The materials that they produced for Infocore were insightful, well executed and will be of excellent value for our 2023 marketing plans.

For three years running, Infocore has sponsored a team for the CSUSM Senior Experience. “We are tremendously happy with the outcome of this year’s Senior Experience Project,” said Peter Jupp, CEO of Infocore. They exceeded our expectations and the student’s exhibited professionalism and drive throughout the course. We view participation in the program as having an extremely high return on investment because of their insightful and practical conclusions.

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