Social distancing from Coronavirus

Social Distancing: A Time to Connect & Grow

Written by Madison Carr

Is there any way to grow a business at a time like this? Our team here at Infocore believes the answer is a resounding YES, and we want to share with you what we’re doing to make connections during this time of social distancing.

Businesses are built on relationships, and in times of trouble, we believe that tapping into those relationships can make everyone stronger. Specifically, we’re talking about referrals. Now is the time to ask your trusted agencies, partners and colleagues to spread the word about the great experiences they’ve had working with you.

Imagine if every person your business has helped refers you to every person their business has helped, and so on and so forth. The ripple effect would be profound. Not only is it a chance to reach out to your partners and reconnect, but it’s also a time to reassure them that you are still there for them and available to address any of the challenges that they may be facing.

If you find yourself feeling increasingly isolated and pessimistic, we hope you’ll give this a try. We think you’ll be delighted to find that your partners are still there, and your relationships are still strong. And if you’re a company that Infocore’s worked with in the past, please consider reaching out to your extended network and referring us!

Let them know how Infocore’s been in business since 1992 and how we’re an industry leader when it comes to high-quality third-party data. Let them know how we can help them execute hyper-targeted multi-channel direct marketing campaigns like we’ve executed for you. And let them know that our unwavering commitment to our clients, including fast response times and strong attention to detail, it what truly sets us apart. We promise we’ll do the same for you.

When this crisis is over (and it will eventually end), we believe that we can all come out of it better than ever and ready to grow. Now, more than ever, it’s important to spread the good word and show your partners and clients how much you truly appreciate the work that they do. In a time of social distancing, let’s prove that it is possible to connect, grow and become stronger together.

Please email me directly if you know anyone that would benefit from working with Infocore.  Thank you in advance for your referral – it means the world to us!