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Wellness Wednesday: Walk it Out!

There are tons of apps, videos, and websites dedicated to exercise, but we tend to forget one exercise that is easy, effective, and free: walking!

For those of us that sit at a desk all day, it’s easy to stay sedentary and forget to move. I have experienced this firsthand – I’m currently participating in a six-week walking challenge and have learned that I hardly walk on workdays. There are tons of benefits to walking – below are a few of our favorite reasons to get out there and walk!


Walking Helps Your Body

There are many other ways walking helps our bodies besides strengthening our legs and our heart! Walking can help reduce your body’s blood sugar, support your joints, boost your immune system, and strengthen your digestive system. According to Prevention, daily walks can prevent varicose veins from forming (or reduce swelling if these veins already exist)!


Walking Helps Your Noggin

Have you ever taken a mid-day break to walk and come back feeling ready to tackle the next project? Walking has been heard to increase brain function and can even help get your creative juices flowing. I’ve been taking quick walking breaks in the afternoon and have noticed that I start coming up with new ideas while I’m hitting the pavement. Don’t forget to email yourself any ideas you think of while you’re walking before you forget!


Walking Helps Your Mood

Need an instant mood boost? Take a walk! Walking can boost self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and lift your spirits up if you’re in a bad mood. Going outside for a walk is essential for those that work from home and are experiencing social withdrawal. Studies show that just ten minutes of walking can improve your mood!


These are just a few of the many benefits of getting your legs moving. To learn more, check out these articles from Healthline and Prevention. Don’t forget to protect your skin while you’re out for a walk!

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