US Audience Summaries & Reports

Below are one-page audience summaries and also full reports available for download to get perspective on US audiences. They’re free, so please, download as many as you’d like! For more information, or to request a custom audience study from our analysts, contact us.


EV Market Overview

The electric vehicle market is poised for explosive growth! Download our EV Market Overview to find out how consumer sentiment is changing and how OEMs and lawmakers are doubling down on EV investments and infrastructure. Plus, we’ll tell you how Infocore can connect you to in-market EV shoppers who are ready to buy.

One-Page Summary

Aftermarket Segment Spotlight

More used cars on the road means more opportunity to maximize your revenue from aftermarket sales and services. To show you how Infocore can help your organization tap into this $202 billion dollar market, we’ve prepared a special report.

Case Study

Technology Case Study

Infocore’s Continuous Campaign Improvement (CCI) approach allows us to fine-tune campaigns to maximize results. Download our New Technology Case Study to learn how we applied our CCI approach to digital display ads in order to drive traffic and build awareness for our telecom client.

Case Study

Automotive Case Study

Successful direct marketing depends on one thing – targeting the right consumers at the right time. Download our New Automotive Case Study to see how we used Canadian audience data to create a successful marketing campaign for our Canadian client’s import OEM.


The Infocore Difference

We’ve created a free downloadable document entitled The Infocore Difference that details the benefits you’ll experience when you choose to work with us for your data-driven direct marketing campaigns.


Automotive Audience Overview

If you follow the Automotive Industry like we do, then you know how quickly things can change. Right now, we’re paying close attention to new vehicle inventory, used car sales, customers coming off lease, aftermarket parts and service, electric vehicle manufacturing and the digitization of the customer journey.


Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

To show the benefits of a true Multi-Channel Approach, we’ve created a Multi-Channel Overview with two real-world case studies for your review. Take a look at these exciting numbers and let us know if you have any questions. We’d love to talk more about your specific campaign needs.


Infocore maintains the world’s largest international direct marketing repository, tracking more than 4,000 distinct datasets from 100+ countries around the world. Download a specialty data catalog to see the extensive data we house in our repository.

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