Year-End Sales Event Automotive Email Marketing

For a year-end sales event, a multinational OEM wanted to promote multiple vehicles to multiple segments in all US markets, but with varying demographic considerations.

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Executive Audience B2B Campaign

Discover how we worked with a commercial real estate market intelligence firm to build an audience of institutional investors with "C-level" titles to promote their latest research report.

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Launch of Luxury Car Conquest Campaign

Discover how we supported the launch of a new line of affordable luxury model cars by using consumer demographics to identify a high-income audience in the early stage of shopping for top-of-the-line vehicles.

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Luxury Jewelry Campaign Uses Consumer Demographics to Find a Global Audience

A high-end jewelry brand launching an international email campaign to promote its new luxury watch needed to reach high-income male consumers in South Korea, Japan, UAE, and Germany.

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Automotive Email Marketing Targets Green Lifestyle Buyers

To help a multinational automaker reach buyers who were looking for alternative fuel vehicles, Infocore targeted consumers in the "green" lifestyle segment with intent to buy an electric, hybrid, or plug-in alternative fuel vehicle.

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Multinational Automaker Promotes Truck in Canada

Learn how we delivered a highly-targeted and results-oriented email marketing campaign for an OEM client who was launching a new model pickup truck in the Canadian market.

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Breaking Into a New Market with International Direct Marketing

A large communications company had plans to introduce internet access service to the Mexican consumer market through both postal and email marketing.

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High-End Menswear Global Acquisition Campaign

As part of a launch for a new high-end menswear line, we built an international audience list of males in the highest income brackets in European and Asian markets.

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VP, Business Development


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