Enriching First-Party Data Assets

With access to more than 8,500 sources in more than 100 countries around the world, no other company offers marketers the scope, depth, and breadth of data services. With equally strong capabilities in business and consumer data projects, our team of experts deliver exceptional results for any language, any country, and any marketing need.

Marketing data is collected in a variety of ways.  Most data-driven marketers agree on the definitions of first-, second-, and third-party data, while zero-party was more recently defined by Forrester Research:

Zero-party data is collected directly from the source. It’s given willingly and proactively by the consumer for the purpose of brand experience, not as a requirement for a sale.

First-party data is also collected directly from the consumer, but it is collected as a transaction or through website visits or social media interactions.

Second-party data is another company’s first-party data and is typically purchased or exchanged in a partnership capacity to help marketers complement their existing first-party data sets.

Third-party data is data that’s been collected from various sources, such as data compilers and aggregators, and is typically used to achieve scale and depth.

Marketers commonly believe that, due to privacy and spam regulations, they are unable to contact consumers using e-mail if that consumer has not already opted in to receive messages from them. Although the spirit of that belief is correct, the direct marketing industry has perfected a way to legitimately solve for these privacy issues, while giving marketers some very sophisticated, high-impact options for e-mail-based acquisition activities.

Comprehensive Data Services

Our data services team will assist as you merge your existing data set with third-party data to enrich your first-party data and append additional data elements

World-Class Data Compliance Services

Data privacy policy is changing rapidly in markets around the world. With penalties for non-compliance including million-dollar-per-day fines and, in some markets, jail terms, you can’t afford to get it wrong. Our data compliance services include a full range of basic to highly advanced data source investigations so you can feel confident that your national and international data is in line with the latest regulations.

Data Compliance Review Process

Anatomy of Data Privacy Law


Infocore maintains the world’s largest international direct marketing repository, tracking more than 4,000 distinct datasets from 100+ countries around the world. Download a specialty data catalog to see the extensive data we house in our repository.

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