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In 1992, Infocore was founded on the principles of direct marketing – using data to reach the right consumer with personalized 1:1 communication at the right time with the right message.

While the channels of delivery and tools of measurement may have changed, the essential DDM principles remain the same. It is a process of thought, not a series of techniques.


Testing lies at the heart of the discipline, and we can help you every step of the way. Test audiences, creatives, offers, segmentation, messaging, media channels, media vendors, and more.

1. Analysis

Data is an expense, but knowledge is a bargain - analyze your market, your product, your competition, and your customers' demographics, purchasing habits, and lifetime value. Collect the data and transform it into actionable and profitable knowledge.

2. Segmentation

Reach the best audience, not the biggest. Your Infocore audience expert can help you identify the segmentation criteria that you need to curate the best target audience for reaching your potential customer.

3. Personalization

Tailor your communication with personalized offers for each one of your target consumer segments. Reach your target consumers with unique messaging wherever they are when they need it.

4. Execution

Infocore’s expert audience team and proven processes ensure on-time execution and delivery. Click here to learn more.

5. ROMI Performance

Post campaign measurement includes delivery of pre-planned KPI performance and strategic customer journey analysis to help you continuously improve your Return On Marketing Investment.


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We provide audience-first data & marketing solutions to all industries.