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What Are the Different Types of Audiences Available?

In today’s dynamic and data-driven world, the success of any marketing campaign hinges on one critical factor: understanding your audience. Whether you’re launching a product, promoting a service, or simply seeking to engage with your customers, having a clear grasp of who you’re trying to reach is essential. This is where data comes into play, and that’s precisely where Infocore steps in.

As your ultimate resource for a diverse range of data sets, Infocore offers a comprehensive solution to help you tailor your campaigns with pinpoint accuracy. Let’s delve into the world of data and discover the different types of audiences available to transform your marketing strategies.

Primary Audiences Types:

  1. Transactional: Data derived as a result of triggered actions or events
  2. Behavioral: Web activity, Self-reported, Geo
  3. Compiled: Data collected from multiple sources but retaining individualized characteristics
  4. Aggregated: Data gathered from multiple sources and summarized (no PII)
  5. Modeled: CRM Based Look-a-likes, Predictive, Cluster (Prism, Claritas)
  6. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Party Sources: We can enhance your 1st party data or help you acquire new 2nd and 3rd party audiences

Automotive Audiences:

  1. After-market
  2. EV/Hybrid
  3. Owners
  4. Sales Events
  5. Vehicle Acquisition
  6. Certified Pre-Owned
  7. Vehicle Launch
  8. Conquest
  9. Tier 1, 2, 3
  10. Multi-Cultural
  11. Recruitment
  12. Finance

What sets Infocore apart is its commitment to delivering top-tier data without actually owning any of it. This unique approach ensures that you receive the best-performing, highest-quality lists for your campaigns, all while enjoying unbiased recommendations that align with your campaign goals. If you’re ready to launch a campaign and reach new audiences, contact our team at If you’d like to learn more about audience acquisition or the different industries we serve, visit one of the links below:

We provide audience-first data & marketing solutions to all industries.