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Amy MacNabb

SVP Client Services

Amy, Infocore’s Senior Vice President of Client Services, has been with the company since 1998.  During her 21-year tenure, she has fine-tuned her expertise in client services, campaign management, audience selection strategy, and automotive marketing.  Infocore relies on her knowledge of the industry as she manages all automotive Agency client relationships.  Amy is responsible for directing the day to day operations of Infocore’s data acquisition for its largest clients as well as assisting in the development of the clients’ customer growth strategies.

Prior to her current role, Amy headed up Infocore’s International List Management department and was responsible for developing the client base and sourcing new lists throughout Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Amy is highly customer-centric and employs her dedication and problem-solving skills in all client projects. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics from USC.

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