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Jade Boneff-Walsh

VP Global Markets

Jade Boneff-Walsh joined the Infocore team in 2013 as Vice President of Global Markets, responsible for developing the company’s international data partnerships. She is a recognized expert in cross-cultural negotiations and relationship management, with more than a decade of experience implementing partnerships in multicultural environments.

Prior to joining Infocore, Jade served for six years as Global Vice President of Strategic Alliances at the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, an association of business owners spanning 40+ countries. In that position, she negotiated and implemented over 20 partnership programs worldwide.

Jade was the founder and CEO of Just-a-Click Marketing & Design, an award-winning company providing multicultural marketing consulting and web and graphics design services to companies in the United States, Brazil, UK and China. She also co-founded Twilight Company, a leading provider of design and creative services for the entertainment industry in Brazil.

Jade’s experience as an entrepreneur led her to volunteer for many years as marketing and communications advisor to the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), a program of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) in Alexandria, VA.

Jade holds degrees in Journalism and Law, and an MBA in International Business. She is certified in Alliance Management by the Association of Strategic Alliances Professionals (ASAP).

Jade has lived in Australia, Canada, United States and Brazil, and currently resides in Arlington, Virginia.

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