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Launch of Luxury Car Conquest Campaign

We identified a high-income audience using consumer demographics to support the launch of a new line of affordable luxury model cars.


A luxury car brand was launching an affordable model and needed to attract high-income consumers for a lease offer. The automobile manufacturer needed to establish the brand as within reach for the luxury car audience.



With consideration to the longer-term buying cycle for a higher-priced car, Infocore sourced this audience early in their shopping process. We used consumer demographics to identify a high-income audience in the early stages of shopping for top-of-the-line vehicles. The variable messaging, personalized subject lines, and dealer specific calls-to-action provided the personal touch that luxury buyers expect.



By targeting high-income consumers shopping for luxury cars, the client was able to convert shoppers to buyers in this conquest campaign:


538,678 Emails Sent

11% Open Rate

20% Click-to-Open Rate



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