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Breaking Into a New Market with International Direct Marketing

A large communications company had plans to introduce internet access service to the Mexican consumer market through both postal and email marketing.



Because they were new to this market, the client needed to rapidly learn the consumer market demographics in Mexico and construct the ideal customer profile to ensure they were targeting the right audience.



To tap into the audience most likely to convert, Infocore took a four-pronged approach. First, we created a custom market report for Mexico to educate the client on all relevant consumer population, demographic, and media consumption patterns. Next, we built a custom target profile of consumers based on selected life stage, socioeconomic, and geographic characteristics.

To overcome the scarcity of deep data elements in the Mexico market, we built a custom prospect targeting map to be used with available audience data sources. We then overlaid the prospecting targeting map on three separate data sources to select only those consumers who met the target profile.



By now reaching only highly qualified consumers, we were able to save the client a significant amount in acquisition costs. After deployment, the client cited post-campaign conversion as “extraordinarily strong.”


20% Reduction in Data Acquisition Costs

28% Increase in Open Rate

3% Increase in Click-Through Rate



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