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Infocore Connect: The Power of Appreciation

Focusing on truly appreciating others can help us improve in areas like teamwork, relationships and emotional intelligence.

The holiday season is here, and it is busy! With everyone making plans and scrambling towards the stores (or online shopping), we often forget to take a moment to slow down and appreciate the present moment. We look to the future and spout New Year’s resolutions before recognizing and showing gratitude for where we are now and where we’ve already been.

While recognition of all we have to be thankful for may be the first step towards gratitude, it is the appreciation that we feel towards others and that others feel towards us that truly resonates and creates a sense of happiness and joy. Appreciation is about people, about relationships, and about feeling a greater sense of what we value inside ourselves and in the world around us.

With that said, here at Infocore, we would like to take a moment and express our continued appreciation to our clients and partners. Your business has been the highlight of our year and the motivation for our ongoing endeavors. We deeply value the relationships we have built and the positive impacts they have on us personally and professionally.

We are also very appreciative of our team at Infocore. It’s truly a blessing to work in a supportive environment with coworkers who inspire us each day with their hard work and dedication. Our commitment to our clients, partners, and to each other is what has always made Infocore unique as a company and successful as a business.

In addition to strengthening our relationships, the act of expressing and receiving appreciation also causes our brains to release dopamine and serotonin. These are the body’s chemical messengers responsible for our “feel-good” emotions. They enhance our mood right away and make us feel happy from the inside out.

Mike Robbins, the author of Focus on the Good Stuff, explains that appreciation starts simple. Sometimes all we have to do is look for it! If we make appreciation a common practice (even schedule time for it if we have to), we’ll not only increase our personal happiness, but we’ll also increase the happiness of those around us.

In one of Mike’s TED Talks, he relayed his thoughts on the “Power of Appreciation.” He explained that focusing on truly appreciating others can help us improve in areas like teamwork, relationships and emotional intelligence. Individuals who understand the distinction between recognition and appreciation can have more impact, meaning and productivity in their lives.

If you want to hear more on this, we recommend listening to the full TED Talk below.

The Power of Appreciation: Mike Robbins TEDxBellevue

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