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Wellness Wednesday: New Year’s Resolutions

The holidays are upon us! The last few weeks of the year are great for so many reasons: everyone is joyful, time is spent with family and friends, and we have a chance to reflect on the past year and move forward. With a new year comes new beginnings, new traditions, and maybe a resolution or two. Finding a New Year’s resolution can be a struggle, so we provided a few resolutions that are a little less traditional and a little more practical.



Exploring can be done literally or figuratively! Search for new attractions around you, whether it’s visiting a new neighborhood, finding a new hiking trail to conquer, or getting coffee from a different coffee shop. Getting out of your comfort zone is another way of exploring. Take a new workout class or learn a new skill – you may find something new to love!



Volunteering isn’t just for the holiday season! There are plenty of organizations that need volunteers – if you’d like to help, reach out to an organization that you are interested in and see if they have volunteer opportunities available. If you want to help but are unsure of where to start, visit a website like that will match you to local organizations in need.



Think about the last time you read a book in its entirety. If you can’t remember, then this might be your resolution! Challenge yourself to read more by setting an obtainable goal on how many books you’d like to read in one year. Reading reduces stress, improves memory, and gives you a break from the screen – why not try it?!


If you choose to participate in a New Year’s resolution in 2023, don’t pressure yourself on making it something unrealistic. If you need inspiration on finding a non-traditional resolution, visit this article from Brit + Co. We hope everyone has a fantastic holiday season and a Happy New Year!

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