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Infocore Connect: Back to WFO (Working from Office)

Going back to the office for the first time can feel a little bit like the first day of school.

We’re excited, anxious and maybe a little unsure about choosing an outfit that doesn’t include an elastic waistband. First off, let’s state the obvious – working through the pandemic has been stressful, but we were able to adjust in a million different ways and that deserves a virtual high five. And while going back to the office may be stressful in its own way, we’re going to adapt and get through this change as well.

We did our homework to find some tips and tricks that could make the transition from WFH to WFO easier. If you’re a little uneasy about working from an office again (we totally were!), check out some of the back-to-the-office advice that we found to be helpful.

Create a New Routine

Gone are the days of rolling out of bed and walking to the computer. For better or for worse, it’s time to create a new routine. For those of you who aren’t early risers, you might find that adding something fun to your mornings can make your new routine more enjoyable. For instance, you can listen to a new podcast, create a “get-ready-for-work” playlist or make a delicious barista-style coffee drink to go.

The key is to have something you look forward to so that you don’t dread waking up every morning. And pro-tip for you commuters out there – allow yourself extra time to get to the office because traffic is back in full swing.

Bring Home to the Office

If you’ve been spoiled by your comfy surroundings, you might want to consider bringing the comforts of home into the office with you. Since you probably won’t be able to fit a bed into your office or a couch into your cubicle, focus on smaller items that make you smile and bring you joy. Photos of family or friends, small decorative touches, special keepsakes or funny knickknacks can go a long way toward making you feel at home while you’re at work.

One friendly reminder with bringing items in from home… Make sure they are safe and appropriate for work. Your cat may not have minded, but you definitely don’t want anything in your workspace to be distracting or offensive to your fellow employees.

Take Breaks

While I was working from home, I always made a point to step away from the computer periodically, even if it was just for a glass of water or a quick stretch. You probably did the same, but now that you’re back at the office, it can be tempting to work nonstop through breaks and lunch. Resist the temptation! Not only do your eyes need a break from your screen, but your body also needs a break from being in a seated position for hours on end. If you tend to be the type of person who powers through their day, you may find it helpful to set an alarm or reminder so you don’t forget to take a breather.

How are you transitioning back to the office? Let us know if you found any of these tips as helpful as we did by sharing your experiences in the comments below!

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