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Wellness Wednesday: Including Affirmations into Everyday Life

Have you ever seen the video of a three-year-old girl telling herself how amazing she is while looking in the bathroom mirror?

A friend sent it to me years ago and it still lives rent-free in my brain. There’s a reason why this clip went viral – while we were all watching this adorable girl tell herself that she is capable of anything, we were also reminded that we, too, are capable of anything. This is an example of an affirmation. According to The Best Brain Possible, affirmations are thoughts you intentionally come up with to support, encourage, and calm your brain and body. An affirmation can be something as simple as a sentence or as complex as a journal entry – anything that brings you positivity and joy! Including one affirmation into your routine daily can make a world of a difference. Below are some easy ways to include affirmations into your life.


Say it out loud. It may sound silly but saying something out loud really does help you believe it! Saying a short affirmation like “I am worthy” or “I am enough” aloud while getting ready in the morning will help motivate you for the day ahead.


Create a Vision Board. Create a vision board that includes images or words that represent your goals. Not only will seeing these goals make you feel that they are within reach, but it’s a daily reminder that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.


Listen. Listen to music, podcasts or books that are related to your affirmation. I listen to podcasts during my work commute that help inspire and build me up – it makes a difference in my day!


Positive affirmations are meant to train your mind to believe the statements you are making. When you are feeling down or unmotivated, just remember the video I mentioned above and remind yourself that you can do it. Check out other ways to include affirmations into your routine here!

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