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Wellness Wednesday: Stress Less

Don’t worry about it! Stop thinking about it! Just relax!


These are phrases people frequently say to someone that’s stressed. Unfortunately, being told not to stress doesn’t take the stress away. Below are some of my favorite ways to kick stress to the curb.


Take Time to Breathe

This may sound silly but taking a moment to stop and breathe while you’re stressed can bring calmness to both your mind and body. According to Healthline, stress causes our body to go into fight-or-flight mode, bringing on symptoms like increased heartrates and faster breathing. Focusing on breathing in times of stress helps your body relax and neutralizes that fight-or-flight feeling. WebMD offers a handful of breathing techniques fit for any stressful situation.


Get Active

One of my favorite ways to relieve stress is to work out. As we all know, working out releases endorphins, which leads to an improved mood. I have never regretted a workout and I feel 100% better after doing so. Don’t have time to work out? Take a walk! There are many benefits to walking, besides being a stress reliever – learn more here.


Prioritize Self-Care

Practicing self-care is something we all tend to put on the backburner – now is the time to bring it to the forefront! Engaging in self-care activities like taking a bath, using aromatherapy diffusers, getting a massage, or reading a good book can help reduce stress and improve quality of life. Workplaces have mental health days for a reason – use one to treat yourself to a self-care day!


It’s easy to get stressed, but people tend to forget that it’s just as easy to release that stress. When you’re feeling anxious, remember to stop, take a break, and relax. There are plenty of ways to relieve stress – we love these tips from VeryWell Mind and Healthline.

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