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Wellness Wednesday: Digital Detoxing

Do you remember life before smartphones? Sometimes I wonder how we went so long without them.

Other times I wish they didn’t exist because of how much we rely on them. We are all guilty of depending on our phones, whether it’s using them to check traffic, reply to emails when out of office, or share a photo on social media. Although they are lifesavers, research shows that digital technology can disrupt sleep, negatively affect work/life balance, and cause people to have FOMO (fear of missing out). If you’re experiencing similar feelings, it may be time to take a digital detox. According to the Cleveland Clinic, a digital detox is when one “take[s] a break from using electronic devices or certain media for a period of time.” Below are a few easy ways to take a mini break from your phone.


Set Boundaries

It’s almost impossible to not use your phone at all but setting boundaries on how often you use your phone is a good start. iPhone users can set limits within the “Screen Time” settings, which allows users to adjust how long you are on your phone, both in general and on specific apps. If you don’t want to mess with your settings, simply choose specific times of the day to put your phone away, like during dinner or an hour before bed.


Turn off Notifications

This may sound like a simple task, but for some it can be very hard to ignore phone notifications. Turning off email, social media and other in-app notifications can help relieve stress and drastically reduce screen time. Using the “Do Not Disturb” function is another great way to silence notifications during digital downtime!


Take Time Off Apps

Let’s face it: we all have apps we are addicted to and use when we don’t want to think. Delete one (or all!) of these apps for a bit! Removing the ease of accessing these apps may get you out of the habit of mindlessly scrolling and stay present.


A digital detox may sound like a hard task, but it can be rewarding for your mental health. To learn more about digital detoxing and tips on how to detox, check out these articles from Verywell Mind, Everyday Health, and Smart Insights.

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