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What is a Macro Influencer & How Can They Help My Business?

In the past few months, we have defined and distinguished the difference between nano, micro, and mega influencers. Today we will discuss the last category of influencers: macro influencers. We will talk about their specific values and the way this particular influencer type can help you boost your marketing campaigns to reach larger audiences.

Macro influencers, better known as “mid-tier influencers,” fall right under mega influencers, with anywhere from 100k to 1 million followers. Macro influencers reach their audiences online through content creation such as video blogging (vlogging), blogging, product reviews, and more. Macro influencers have medium reach and engagement with plenty of time to produce regular content because, at this level, most influencers are relying on social media as their full-time job.

A macro influencer, rather than a mega influencer, may be more beneficial if you want to target a specific customer segment while still accessing a large audience of potential customers. Working with a macro influencer can also save time because it takes a single macro influencer to reach an audience of nearly 100,000, versus the hundreds of micro and nano influencers it would take to reach that number.

If your goal is product awareness and visibility of your brand, macro influencers might be right for you. They have the credibility and attention that can bring more awareness to your products through unboxing, testing, and providing real-time product feedback through their social media channels.

Macro influencers can help you reach larger audiences, build awareness around your products, and boost your brand visibility! If you’re interested in starting your Influencer Marketing Strategy, connect with a team member today:

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