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Infocore Connect: Make Time to Sleep!

As I get older, I wonder why I took advantage of sleeping when I was a kid – what I would give to have daily naps now!

Not only is sleep something adults crave, but it’s essential. Lack of sleep can cause both mental and physical problems: greater risk of depression and anxiety, impaired memory, weight gain and more. If you need help getting enough rest, you’ve come to the right place – below are some ways to catch the perfect amount of zzz’s on a regular basis.


The rumor is true – the later you ingest caffeine, the later you’ll stay awake! It’s recommended to stop drinking anything containing caffeine six to eight hours before bed. If you’re feeling the need for a mid-afternoon jolt at work, grab a spoonful of peanut butter – it does the trick!


Did you know that lack of exercise is associated with insomnia?! Exercising regularly relieves muscle tension and boosts serotonin which can help regulate sleep. Time to throw on those running shoes!

Define Your Sleep Space

If you work from home, be sure to work from any other spot but your bed! Your bed should be associated with sleep only. If it takes you a little longer to fall asleep, try listening to a meditation app (check out some of our favorite apps here) or soothing music and add essential oils to a diffuser (lavender and chamomile are great scents to help sleep!).

The better you sleep, the happier you are. If you’ve tried the above and are still have difficulty sleeping, check out these helpful articles from Mental Health America and Sleep Foundation. What’s your favorite way to wind down? Leave us a comment below!

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